How To Get Help For Your Personal Transformation
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How To Get Help For Your Personal Transformation

At some stage, people recognize they need to make changes in their lives. These changes, or transformations, could be major and may take a lot of effort. If you are at a point where you need a change, will you know what changes are needed and how to go about them? If not, you may consider finding someone who can help.

While hiring a professional coach may seem like the obvious choice, it’s not the only one. You may already know someone experienced who can help you. Perhaps you have kept in contact with a teacher who you admired while in school. This teacher could serve as a mentor or at the very least, point you to qualified people who can help.

Don’t rule out friends and colleagues. There should be plenty of people in your own circles who can provide guidance with the changes you seek. If nothing else, they can provide moral support and encouragement.

While it’s okay to do some research online, be cautious of the results that you find during that process. You’ll see plenty of self-proclaimed experts passing themselves off as coaches or mentors. Their fees will be hefty, but it may be unclear if they can help or have the proper credentials.

When you see someone who you believe seems capable, try to find others who have worked with them. Seek out advice from your network of colleagues and friends.

Be on the lookout for scams, which you’ll find plenty of in your search. Use the internet to see if any red flags pop up when searching for professionals. If there are a lot of results reporting these listings as scams, you should move on.

If the listings you investigate don’t come up as scams, this does not mean they are in the clear. It could mean the listings are new. Many scammers will shut down one site when they get flagged for being a scammer. It’s difficult for law enforcement to keep up with these.

Never pay for anything without knowing what you are going to get. Consider paying using PayPal as they offer some protection should the service not deliver on what was promised. You have 45 days to make a claim.

The scammers do not want a record of their activity so you probably won’t get contested when you make the claim. Of course, it is highly likely the scammer won’t even allow the use of a payment processor such as PayPal.

You should consider this a major red flag.