How To Work In A Building With No Windows
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How To Work In A Building With No Windows

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you work in a building with absolutely no windows. Hopefully, it will only be a temporary situation.

But do you think you can handle that? Some people can’t. They complain that you have no idea of what it’s like outside, and it creates a very limiting atmosphere.

As you can well imagine, this tends to create an environment with high turnover. It makes for a long workday and brings the spirit of the workers down. Companies are not doing themselves any favors when they create such an environment.

It’s proven that people have a need for sunlight. This is why the sales of ultraviolet lights for indoors have exploded in the past couple of years. This is especially true during the winter months when the days are much shorter.

What motivates companies to provide such an environment for their workers? The main reason has to be that they save money on the rent of the building. However, how much are they really saving if they have to regularly hire people due to the high turnover?

If, as suggested, the situation is only temporary, it probably won’t be as big an issue, as long as the company plans on moving and is transparent about the process.

If it turns out the company never had any intention of changing the situation, this will cause anxiety among the employees, and the high turnover will continue.

If you find yourself working in a building with no windows, there are some steps you can take to reduce the impact. The first is to make sure you step outside as often as possible. You want to experience as much sunlight as you can get.

The next tip is to buy one of those ultraviolet lights for yourself. Hopefully, your company will allow you to have one. If they don’t, and you are working in a windowless building, it may be time to move on and search for another company.

Consider putting plants and pictures in your office or cubby. These can help to brighten up a gloomy space. Be sure to socialize with your colleagues as this will help get your mind off where you work. You can also listen to music either on your smart device or a radio that you bring in.

If a company finds that they have to continue to have its employees work in this kind of atmosphere, they should try to be as flexible as possible.