Should You Seek Out a Mentor for Positive Habit Creation?
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Should You Seek Out a Mentor for Positive Habit Creation?

Changing habits can be difficult. There’s a lot going on in everyone’s lives. New habits require adding activities to your routine. Sometimes, you may have to break bad habits before you can adopt new and better ones. All these variables make developing new habits quite the challenge. If it seems overwhelming to you, consider taking on a mentor.

A qualified mentor will be able to set up a program that is specific to your needs. They will get to know you and what you are looking to accomplish and structure a plan. They can also be helpful in keeping you on track.

This is the idea behind weight loss centers such as Jenny Craig and others. When you join these kinds of programs, you are assigned a counselor that works with you. This is similar in concept to a personal trainer when you join a gym. The trainer will structure an exercise program that is specific to you.

There are other types of habits that may lend well to having a mentor. In fact, you can hire someone to be a life coach. This person will structure a plan in several categories of your life that you are looking to improve. Obviously, you want to find someone who is qualified. The best way to go about this is word-of-mouth references. This type of coaching is expensive so you don’t want to rely solely on a Google search to find a qualified mentor.

Try to find a friend or colleague who has gone through a similar program and ask if the mentor they used actually helped them out. Try to notice if these people have improved their lives. Do you see noticeable changes in these people? If you don’t see changes, this could mean the mentor wasn’t much good or they simply reverted back to their old habits. Either way, that could be a red flag.

In order for a mentor to structure a program towards your needs, you need to prepare exactly what you want to get out of the program. You should ask many questions about what is going to be expected of you and what kind of time you are going to be required to put into making the necessary changes.

You also want to find out what type of support is available during the program as well as when it is complete. Ask about a guarantee as well. You are paying for results so you want it to actually work for you.