Step Away From Those Devices - For A While!
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Step Away From Those Devices - For A While!

If you want to live a fuller life, it’s time to put down the technology devices. You don’t have to abandon them altogether. But you do need to strike a balance. Technology is addictive, but there is more to life than getting lost in the technological fog.

You may remember a while back a car commercial that showed a teenage girl talking about how many social media friends she had. She boasted that she had hundreds of friends and spent most of her time on social media chatting with them.

She commented on how disconnected her parents were with few to no social media friends.

Meanwhile, her parents were out having fun with their friends, living it up with them in the car that's at the center of the commercial. The message here is that it's the parents who are connected because they are the ones hanging out with friends.

Technology is a crucial part of our lives. We can learn, research, and find out information faster than ever before. It gives us the means to supplement our income and even create full-time careers.

However, technology is just one part of life, and you cannot forget about all the other aspects.

Some places offer vacations that forbid vacationers from bringing and using smartphones or similar devices. Participants initially feel lost without their technology. But, after the vacation, many felt free to be without them. They felt more in touch with nature, other people, and their overall surroundings.

If you cannot be without your smartphone, tablet or whatever, try to tie its use to other activities.

For instance, if you want to exercise, look for exercise videos you can watch or download and start doing the workouts shown. If you are a musician, try to record music using your device. Use your technology for more than sitting around.

Another idea is to use your device to help others in some way. For instance, you could tutor students who are struggling with their subjects in school. You could offer training to adults who are in between jobs. There are many ways you can help others with your technology devices.

Set aside one day per week where your entire family is not allowed to use their smartphones, games consoles or similar for the entire day.

After all the grumbling and moaning subsides, go out on an adventure with your family so you can get some exercise, connect with nature, and spend time with the family. Everyone will get used to the idea if you do it often enough.