Rob Cuesta Interview - Creating Best Selling Books
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Rob Cuesta Interview - Creating Best Selling Books

Rob Cuesta Interview - Creating Best Selling Books

"I started BrightFlame Books for one very simple reason: to help professionals like you stand out, get hired, and have more impact.

In working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, advisers and service providers, I have seen one truth time and again.

When it comes to proving to a prospective client that you are the leader in your field and the only sensible choice, there is no tool as powerful as a book with your name on the cover and your ideas on the pages: in a prospect’s mind, you’re not an Authority if you’re not an Author.

The problem is, most professionals are simply too busy to run off to a cabin in the woods for a few months to write their masterpiece.

That’s why we developed our collaborative writing process.

We’ve reduced the time required from you, the expert, to under 48 hours spread over a period of around 7 months.

That’s how long it takes, typically, for our team of strategists, writers, editors, designers, and marketers to take the knowledge in your head and turn it into a bestselling book that would look right at home on the shelves of a major bookstore."